David and Carol Schmidt
Assemblies of God
Missionaries to Cameroon


David, Carol, Ryan, Melanie, and Nathan


          David first went to Malawi East Africa in 1982 after finishing at Bethany Bible College.  The experience changed his life and birthed in him a vision for working in Africa.  During his trip, he met Pastor/Evangelist John Butts who would later introduce David to his daughter Carol.  They were married in 1984.  David and Carol were able to take several short term missions' trips in the 80's and 90's.  After serving as assistant pastor in two churches, and as senior pastor in Springville, California, David and Carol were appointed by the Assemblies of God to Central Africa in 1996.  They have served 4 terms in the Central African Republic and Cameroon and will begin their furlough in June 2017.  They have three children: Ryan (30) and Melanie (27) who live and work in San Diego, CA, and Nathan (18) who is attending Mesa College in San Diego.  



You know you are an MK (Missionary Kid) when:

1.  someone asks where you're from and you're not sure which continent to start with!

2.  you flew before you could walk!

3.  the U.S. is a foreign country!

4.  you have had several passports, but not a driver's license!

5.  National Geographic makes you homesick!

6.  fitting 15 or more people into a car seems normal!

7.  you don't think two hours is a long sermon!

8.  you think a visa is a document stamped in your passport, and not a plastic card used for buying something!

9.  you dream of spending Christmas camping on the beach!

10.  your parents groan if you tell them they are getting a raise!