David and Carol Schmidt
Assemblies of God
Missionaries to Cameroon

Africa Tabernacle Evangelism

In the Full Gospel Mission of Cameroon there are 1,600 assemblies and many of these have an inadequate place to worship.   Through the support of individuals and churches in the US, each year several tabernacles are erected in the 10 provinces of Cameroon.  The US partner donates between $4,000 - $7,000 depending on the size of the building for the materials. The trusses are fabricated in our shop and transported in the “Speed the Light” truck to the church sites.  A team of technicians and workers from the local congregation are gathered by their pastor to erect the tabernacle.  The assembly in each area purchases the foundation materials and wooden cross beams that go between the trusses, as well as 1/3 of the roofing sheets.   The indigenous church will eventually finish the foundation, walls, windows, and doors with contributions from their members.

Our list of congregations needing their own place of worship is long.  In 2016, 35 new tabernacles were built with donors help.  We need you to partner with us in assisting our brothers and sisters in Cameroon to evangelize their country! 

Completed Tabernacle by Mbouda Church.  Pastor Victor says that each week, 4 to 5 people give their lives to the Lord.

Our Speed-the-Light vehicle for transporting the tabernacles.

Local team from Nkoteng nailing the wood purlins.